Lay-led Taize service: St Michael's Blewbury
21st August 2022
Taizé is a small village in central France where a monastic community of Roman Catholic and Protestant monks from across the world have established their order, devoted to peace and justice through prayer and meditation. Prayer and silence are at the heart of the Taizé experience. Christians from every corner of the globe visit the Community and are encouraged to live out the Christian gospel in a spirit of joy, simplicity and reconciliation. The music of Taizé is based on repeated prayer chants with simple phrases, with words taken from the Psalms or other pieces of scripture.

We are holding a Taizé worship on the third Sunday of the month at St Michael’s, Blewbury, The service will be led by the lay team (i.e. non-clergy). The informal candlelit service will be quiet and reflective and will include Bible readings, prayers, and times of silence as well as sung hymn chants. The service will last for about 40 minutes. You are all very welcome to come and join us.


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