Churn Churches Climate Action Group

Churn Churches Climate Action Group Makes Plans

The decisions being made now about how to reboot after coronavirus will shape our economy, society and climate for decades to come. This we believe is a crucial moment in the fight against climate change, which is affecting lives everywhere and pushing some people further into poverty. A new local action group has been formed to campaign and coordinate a programme of activities designed to address environmental issues and the problem of climate change. It is called the Churn Churches Climate Action Group (CCCA). It includes people associated with the six Anglican churches in the Churn Benefice, along with others living in the Churn area who have a range of religious affiliations.

Sign the Climate Coalition’s Declaration This group is starting by encouraging as many people as possible to sign the Climate Coalition’s declaration, which calls on the UK government to lead the world in delivering a healthier, greener, fairer recovery by limiting warming to 1.5°C. If you are interested in signing this, you can view it at

The Future of our Food CCCA is working together with other local groups who are concerned to address environmental issues and will be holding its first public event very soon – probably in December. The Future of our Food will focus on the issue of UK Food Standards. The reason for choosing this topic for the first CCCA public event is because as part of the Brexit Transition process the government is having to negotiate new trade deals outside the EU. Such deals are being brokered with countries such as the USA, which have very different food standards and animal welfare requirements to those followed in EU countries.

The outcome of such deals will determine where our food comes from for years to come, and the lower standards that may be imposed on us. This will impact upon the environment, consumers, and also our farmers, who in order to compete may come under pressure to lower the food standards that they currently apply.

This event will be an on-line discussion involving Jeff Powell, a local Hagbourne farmer and a representative from Sustain, the national alliance for better farming that campaigns for food and agricultural policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals. The date of this event will be announced very soon. To register interest in CCCA and/or be sent the log-in details for its first event please email