Your Churches, Our Commnities

Your Churches, Our Communities

It will hardly be a surprise. This month, I’m going to write about the Coronavirus, and what it will mean for the life and work of your churches in our communities.

Churches exist to serve others. How are we going to serve our communities in the months ahead?

To start with, we are focussing on SAFETY. We are endeavouring to ensure that all that we do is done as safely as possible. To this end, we are following the specific guidance provided by the Diocese of Oxford and national government. In accordance with the current guidance, all midweek and Sunday services have been cancelled until further notice. We will be looking to see how we might be able to provide opportunities to worship online. The clergy will be continuing their work in the parishes, provided of course that it is safe to do so; and I should add that the clergy will self-isolate, should this become advisable or necessary.

Secondly, SERVICE. Jesus teaches us that we should seek to serve others. Our churches will continue to seek to serve our local communities, to the best of our abilities, and working in partnership with others. Do be in touch if you think we might be able to help in any way.  One practical thing that we will seek to do is to ensure, where possible, that our church buildings and churchyards are open as “safe space” –  places where anyone can come to walk or simply to be, knowing that their isolation will be respected by others.

Finally, there is SPIRITUALITY. Whether you do Christianity or not, whether you would consider yourself “religious” or not, we are all living through difficult and unsettling times. Everyone’s circumstances will be different. Some will be worried about their own health or the health of a family member. Some will be worried about the financial implications of the virus. Some will be worried about the social and mental health implications of self-isolation.  The Christian faith has rich resources to help us to face the challenges of being human in a time of crisis.  I will be sharing some of these resources in a short, daily Rector’s Reflections, starting from Sunday 22nd March. Do get in touch if you would like to receive a copy, whether by email or hard copy.

The months ahead will be challenging indeed. But we shall get through them, supported by each other’s prayers and acts of service.

Fr Jason