Churn Benefice Safeguarding Policy (Version 1, 19.6.19)

  1. The Churn Benefice is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of the children and people of all ages in our church communities.
  2. The parishes of North Moreton, South Moreton and Upton have adopted or are in the process of adopting the Oxford Diocesan model safeguarding policy (see below).
  3. The parishes of Aston Tirrold with Aston Upthorpe, Blewbury & Hagbourne have adopted their own safeguarding policy (copy provided on the church website), which are also based on guidance from Oxford Diocese.
  4. The parish safeguarding officers are currently :

Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe : Amanda le Conte and Claire Picken

Blewbury : Sharon Phillips

Hagbourne : Jenny Balshaw

North Moreton : Vicky Squires

South Moreton : Simon Hill

Upton : contact Jessie West

Contact details for these individuals are available from the Benefice Operations Manager, Mrs Elaine de Ridder on 01235-850267 or the office email office(at)

  1. Hard copies of the Safeguarding Policy are on display in the respective churches.
  2. Any further questions relating to Safeguarding in the benefice should be addressed to the Rector : 
    The Benefice Centre, Church End, Blewbury, OX11 9QH, 01235 850267, or the office email


Revd Jason St John Nicolle



The parishes of North Moreton, South Moreton, Upton

Benefice Safeguarding Policy. Promoting a Safer Church

The following policy has been agreed or is in the process of being agreed by the relevant PCCs. [Dates agreed : Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe, 21 February 2019; North Moreton =; South Moreton = 22.5.18;Upton=]


In accordance with the Church of England Safeguarding Policy are churches are committed to :

(i)Promoting a safer environment and culture;

(ii)Safely recruiting and supporting all those with any responsibility related to children, young people and vulnerable adults within the church;

(iv)Responding promptly to every safeguarding concern or allegation;

(v)Caring pastorally for victims/survivors of abuse and other affected persons;

(vi)Caring pastorally for those who are the subject of concerns or allegations and other affected persons;

(vii)Responding to those that may pose a present risk to others.


Our parishes will :

(i)Create a safer and caring place for all.

(ii)Have a named Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) to work with the incumbent and the PCC to implement policy and procedures

(iii)Safely recruit, train and support all those with any responsibility for Children, young people and vulnerable adults to have the confidence and skills to recognise and respond to abuse.

(iv)Ensure that there is appropriate insurance cover for all activities involving children and adults undertaken in the name of the parish.

(v)Display in church premises and on the front page of the Benefice website the details of who to contact if there are safeguarding concerns or support needs.

(vi)Listen to and take seriously all who disclose abuse.

(vii)Take steps to protect children and adults when a safeguarding concern of any kind arises, following House of Bishops guidance, including notifying the Diocesan Safeguarding Team and statutory agencies immediately.

(viii)Offer support to victims/survivors of abuse regardless of the type of abuse, when and where it occurred.

(ix)Care for and monitor any member of the church community who may pose a risk to children and adults whilst maintaining appropriate confidentiality and the safety of all parties.

(x)Ensure that health and safety policy, procedures and risk assessments are in place as appropriate and that these are reviewed annually.

(xi)Inform the Diocesan Safeguarding Team if we use an alternative DBS Umbrella Body to APCS and if we received any DBS Disclosures that are not clear.

(xii)Review the implementation of the Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Practices at least annually.


Each person who works within our church communities will agree to abide by this policy and the guidelines established by our churches.


Our churches appoint the following Parish Safeguarding Officers :

Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe : Amanda le Conte; Claire Picken

Blewbury: Sharon Phillips

North Moreton : Vicky Squires

South Morton : contact Rector, Revd Jason St John Nicolle

Upton : Contact Jessie West


Revd Jason St John Nicolle


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