Services this Week

10:30 am DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME (remember the clocks go forward!)

All are welcome to join the Churn Benefice's second online service.

Fr Jason will be leading the service, and Revd Louise will be giving the short talk.
There will be music from the Blewbury choir (recorded before the lockdown)

To join in, follow the instructions below.
We hope to see you there!


If you haven't yet been part of a Go To Meeting group, here's what you do:
Five minutes before the session begins, click on this link:

This will enable you to download the app. Download the app and follow the instructions.
When it asks you for a meeting ID or access code, enter this Access Code: 483-444-037
That should take you straight in.
(If a webpage with an advert for Go To Meeting comes up, ignore it. You don't need to sign up for an account - only the host does)

If you have been part of a Go To Meeting group, it's a one-click job.
Just click on this link, and it will start up the app and take you straight to the meeting: